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CLC Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law & Practice


The Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice is a vocational programme. So it is a practical programme which mixes theory and practical learning. It is also the final step to becoming a Licensed Probate Practitioner. During the programme you will learn how to prepare the legal documentation and manage the processes for dealing with the affairs of a deceased person ("estate"). To liaise with deceased's representatives (executors or administrators) in order to administer the estate in accordance with their Will or under the Intestacy provisions (when the deceased has not left a Will). In order to complete the Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law & Practice you will have to complete the following 3 units: Wills, Succession and Grants of Representation The Administration of Estates Managing Client and Office Accounts Although, we do recommend that the modules are taken in the above order, this is not essential. We recognise that students will have different levels of knowledge and experience and may wish to study the modules in a different order or at the same time. If you have previous legal qualifications you may qualify for an exemption for some of these modules.



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