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Our Mission

PDR Property Law Training Centre is committed to delivering high-quality training by giving learners a fulfilling experience. We help our learners realise their potential and achieve their aspirations. We promote and support employee development and organisational effectiveness through the provision of high-quality, educational training programmes.

Our aim is to deliver high quality training to all our learners as well as to grow as a business and become a nationally recognised SQA Training Provider.
Our aim is to undertand everybody's strengths and areas for development and provide support and guidance through feedback given to each other.
To treat everyone fairly, in regards to our colleagues, clients and learners, giving them the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals.
We will listen to staff, learners & clients needs/feedback and take actions on issues and provide information, advice and guidance where appropriate.
We will treat everyone the same and alwasys consider other peoples feelings.

Admission and Cost

Conveyancing - An Introduction for Property Professionals

This qualification is aimed at those who have no prior experience of Conveyancing. Its primary purpose is to develop the learner’s understanding of the conveyancing process, which may be useful in an employment or personal context

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